KS MUNDO INVESTMENT LTD is an innovative company service centre which team of experienced specialists in the fields of banking, law, accounting and taxation. Our approach to each company is individual, and the personnel resources we Our approach to each company is individual, and the personal resources we involve in the service process. are tailored to the to the needs of the client. This enables us to develop complex and often non-standard solutions, while optimizing costs. 

KS MUNDO INVESTMENT LTD is a consultancy company specialising in business and technology consulting for companies from the European Union and beyond.

Why choose us

Expert experience

Our experts have a wealth of knowledge and practical skills in their respective fields. As a result of years of work and experience, they can effectively solve problems and make the right decisions. 


 We provide comprehensive consulting services in the area of corporate development, including strategy formulation, business process optimization and the implementation of innovative financial solutions. 

Investment plan

We deal with investment plans, which includes the process of defining objectives, strategies, risks and analyzing budgets aimed at maximizing returns and minimizing investment risks. 


 Success in a tender depends on careful verification and documentation of the fulfilment of formal, technical and financial requirements, as well as on offering the best price and value for the service or product on offer. Our consultants are specialists in this area of tendering. 

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Satisfied customers

Our goals

Our main goal is to help companies grow and increase profits with our expertise and experience. We help introduce our clients’ companies to foreign markets, so that our clients multiply their profits. We minimise procedures, thus saving our clients’ valuable time. 

Entrepreneurs working with KS MUNDO INVESTMENT LTD have access to development funds at very attractive prices. In addition, they are given the opportunity to expand their market through cooperation with our contractors in the European Union and beyond. 

Our skills


Our clients

KS MUNDO INVESTMENT LTD’s clients are primarily entrepreneurs and companies looking for consulting, marketing, development support or in need of real estate for their business. We serve companies of all industries and sizes, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. Our clients are within and outside the European Union. 

KS MUNDO INVESTMENT LTD focuses primarily on development assistance for companies operating in key economic sectors such as retail and wholesale, industry, real estate, infrastructure, agriculture, tourism and innovative technologies. 

The target clients of KS MUNDO INVESTMENT LTD are companies as well as individuals who want to develop their business, invest in product and service development and develop their competencies and skills in the area of running a profitable business. 

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